Pediatric Resources On The Web

 by Stephen M. Pribut, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S.

Pediatrics, as a field, encompasses nearly all domains of medicine. Accordingly Pediatrics is well represented on the web. The only difficulty is that like many a child's room, at first, the material appeared to be quite disorganized. Upon further examination many well organized starting points appear. PEDINFO (, one of the first indexes of pediatric information is still an excellent starting point for information on pediatrics. Another stellar starting point is Pediatric Points of Interest ( ) from Johns Hopkins. This site has links to nearly all imaginable resources of pediatrics. There are also links for parenting resources and links to sites of interest to youngsters. As always MedWeb at Emory University Health Sciences Center Library lists nearly every Pediatric Internet resource known.


 The home page of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is found at . Here is detailed information about the AAP, important pediatric legislative issues, links to local organizations and publications. Like many good organization web sites there is information for both members and patients. Besides patient brochures, selections from their Healthy Kids magazine are also found here.


 Pediatrics, the official journal of the AAP, has a web site at: . The journal offers abstracts of all articles and full text of selected articles online. Several new peer reviewed research articles are published exclusively online each month. Back issues of the journal may be searched online.

 The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine emphasizes clinical studies and reviews of all aspects of Pediatrics. At their site you can access abstracts, selected full-text articles and past issues archives.

 Other Internet based publications include The Pediatric Bulletin, The Child's Doctor, and Medscape. The Pediatric Bulletin ( is a bimonthly net publication on selected pediatric problems such as sleep disorders, hip dysplasia, and many others. The Child's Doctor ( is an online journal published by Children's Memorial Hospital of Chicago, Illinois. Medscape is a peer-reviewed online publication. They have many articles in their Pediatrics archive ranging from diaper rash and warts to grand rounds discussion of complex and rare pediatric maladies.

Case Studies:

Medconnect  offers well designed interactive case studies.

This site also has news on Pediatrics and Family Practice and offers CME credits. The case studies use a Java script that provides values for lab tests, results of clinical examinations, and provides immediate feedback during the case presentation. This makes for an excellent interactive learning experience. Following the discussion of each answer, there is a case summary and a list of recommended literature. The case studies offer both a survey of your level of knowledge and a means of review. Cases include a 14 month old child suddenly unable to walk and joint pains and fever in a 14 year old boy. Developmental Rounds and Pediatric Cardiology are subject areas for case reports at this site also. The Internet Journal Of Pediatrics is also found here.


The Department of Orthopaedics at the Alfred I. duPont Institute ( ) specializes in treatment, research, and medical training for the treatment of childhood musculoskeletal problems. Their site offers many case presentations including congenital vertical talus, Plano-valgus foot in cerebral palsy, Freiberg's Disease, Lyme Disease, Kohler's Disease of the Tarsal Navicular and Macrodacyly.

 Web Texts:

 Pedbase, written by Al Gandy M.D. , located at , is the closest thing on the net to a general Pediatric hypertext book. There are gaps in this presentation, but overall it is quite comprehensive. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine (PCCM) has a hypertext book online at This multi-media presentation is excellent. Also at the PCCM site are links to their Journal club, literature reviews, and mailing list.

 Practitioner Sites:

 The very best of the practitioner sites is Dr. Greene's House Calls ( ) which answers questions for parents. This site is filled with useful information and is attractively laid out. While this site is meant for parents, his answers are accurate and not watered down. Other physicians come to this site to ask Dr. Greene questions. His writing style is engaging and informative and as thorough as a medical textbook. Allergies, nutrition, Infectious Disease, and many other pediatric problems are well discussed here. When you visit also check his list of recommended books for parents.


 Children With Diabetes ( is an online community to share information on Juvenile Diabetes. Here you'll find live chat rooms, a message board and information for patients, physicians and parents. ( )is another site that has useful information for diabetic children.

 The best site to research genetic disorders is the OMIM, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man Homepage, ( In an instant you can have abstracts to articles on innumerable genetic disorders. OMIM is a database cataloging both human genes and genetic disorders. The database contains text, pictures, and reference information and copious links to NCBI's Entrez database. Rare foot deformities such as those of Ectrodactyly (lobster-claw deformity) are here.

 Pediatric Rheumatology is well covered at the American Juvenile Arthritis Organization ( This page is fairly specific for JRA. The Pediatric Rheumatology Home Page ( ) is an information rich, page. Also found here is a succinct review of Pediatric Rheumatology and a self-assessment examination.

 Gait disorders and Cerebral palsy are well covered at the University of Virginia Medical Center ( At this site you'll find highlights of their CP research, a comprehensive listing of links to sites on Cerebral Palsy, clinical cases, a description of their state of the art equipment, and general information on gait analysis. Thorough information for patients and online consultation is also available.


Web Site Addons:

Behavioral issues of childhood and adolescence are well covered at the American Society of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Homepage (